12 Semitons

A Book on Music

12 Półtonów. Książka o muzyce

Zuzana Kisielewska, Wojciech Koss, Jerzy Gruchot

druganoga | 2017 | 136 pages | 22,5 x 25 cm | hardcover

12 SEMITONES, is a book about music to young readers from 9 years old up, brimming with unexpected questions and equally surprising answers. It explains in a funny and witty way music as seen by science, psychology, sociology and culture, making sure the reader is never bored, yet unaware of the in-depth knowledge it presents.

In the first chapter, we learn what a melody looks like, what are the connection between evolution and the sense of rhythm, why 1Asians have more absolute pitch than Europeans, and who used a bridge as a musical instrument. The second chapter takes the reader on a journey to the origins of music: was music invented by mothers? What has it got to do with astronomy? How were notes invented?

Napoleon, Bob Marley, Estonians fighting for their independence, inhabitants of Venezuelan slums and Amazonian forests, sports fans and even cows are among the many heroes of the third chapter, full of numerous examples of how music takes part in everyday life. Finally, the author explains how music affects our brain and body.

12 SEMITONES shares a hefty amount of knowledge from the theory of music, history, psychology and even neurobiology, and avoids boring readers with strict definitions. Using anecdotes and great examples it lets children form their own ideas about music.

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