A very light girl and a very heavy girl

Una chica tan ligera y una chica tan pesada

Kirim Nam

Fulgencio Pimentel | june 2022 | 28 pages | 21 x 24 cm | hardcover

Kirim Nam debuts in the picture book with a story of disarming beauty in which two antagonistic young women must confront their natures in order to reach the balance of being. Conceived as an atypical coming of age with echoes of Tao and Western, the adventure of the two young protagonists presents them alone, intertwined and wandering, like two characters from Juan Rulfo's El llano en llamas, facing an inhospitable world of ruins and desolate landscapes. Only the tension of their antithetical nature drives them on, perhaps dreaming of the end, until a misunderstanding forces them to face the uncertainties of the world alone.

Using a graphic concept of extreme simplicity, structured in vertical double-page illustrations, Kirim Nam (South Korea) turns his little fable into a disturbing, liberating and unforgettable book.

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  • Selected for the BRAW AMAZING BOOKSHELF 2023
  • Selected for 100 Outstanding Picturebooks 2022 Bologna Book Fair / dPICTUS