Anarchy Explained to Children

La Anarquía Explicada a los Niños

José Antonio Emmanuel, Fábrica de Estampas, Imprenta Rescate

Libros del Zorro Rojo | 2020 | 48 pages | 20,5 x 26,8 cm | softcover

This publication rediscovers a valuable historical document that has remained out of print in Spain since the Second Spanish Republic. ANARCHY EXPLAINED TO CHILDREN (1931) was a pamphlet conceived to put an end to children’s ignorance and to emancipate them from the obscurantist power of the Catholic Church.

Faithful to the original text, this publication includes Fábrica de Estampas illustrations that were completed for the 2017 Argentine edition. Each of the tenets is accompanied by a block print that manages to transmit the beauty of the world anarchists hope to build.

ANARCHY EXPLAINED TO CHILDREN calls for a society in which girls and boys grow up free and are inspired by values such as mutual aid, equality, universal love and human solidarity.

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