Cat in the Road

Gato en el Camino

Nicanor Parra & Joan Casaramona

Libros del Zorro Rojo | 2022 | 64 pages | 12,5 x 16,5 cm | hardcover

Published in 1935, CAT IN THE ROAD is the first “self-antecedent of Antipoetry”; it is the first glimpse of the great Chilean poet and Cervantes Prize Nicanor Parra’s forthcoming breakaway vision. Absurdity, disconnection and humor envelop the eventful life of a kitten abandoned to its fate in the middle of the pavement.

Joan Casaramona has made use of Parra’s literary genius to present the reader with an endless array of adventures that can be enjoyed through simple visual games. He has also created an illustrated artifact that is more than just an album, a playful space where the reader can both read and play. The tone of its illustrations and its graphics make this is a timeless book, fit for readers of all ages.

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  • Parra is unquestionably one of the best poets of the West.

    Harold Bloom