Doba on the Ocean

How to cross the Atlantic by kayak?

Doba na Oceanie. Jak przepłynąć Atlantyk kajakiem

Agata Loth-Ignaciuk & Bartlomiej Ignaciuk

druganoga | 2020 | 88 pages | 21 x 27,2 cm | hardcover

This generously illustrated book is a fascinating story of kayak expeditions across the Atlantic by Aleksander Doba, who was the first man to cross the Atlantic ocean by kayak. We learn about the journeyman's preparations: where he built an ocean-going kayak, what kind of expedition food and supplies he had to put together, who helped him set out the route. Together with interesting facts about the daily life of the traveler: where on a small kayak is a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom hidden? What did Aleksander Doba eat? Did he sleep well and comfortably?

The story goes on to describe the challenges faced by the voyager during his lonely expeditions. In the tiny kayak, he has ridden out storms, survived the tricks played by underwater mountains, and got to know whitewater rivers. Above all else, this book encourages young readers to explore the world, to persevere and to realize their dreams. A story of will, courage and perseverance.

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