La Duda

Pia Valentinis

Libros del Zorro Rojo | april 2010 | 40 pages | 20 x 20 cm | hardcover

Doubt is perhaps one of the few things we are given in life that helps us learn how to choose and how to appreciate life’s different paths. But doubt is also a way to explore the connection between our inner and outer worlds. This book invites us to think about ourselves, about the way we are related to our families and friends, and all those feelings which make us human.

The harmony between the text and the illustrations highlight Pia Valentinis’ sensibility. She uses the format of a fable to create an atmosphere of intimacy and complicity with the reader. This is a book that will let children think about their own certainties, through their doubts.

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  • A candid book to encourage children to ask questions.