Fragments of a transparent library II

Fragmentos de una biblioteca transparente II

Alexis Figueroa & Claudio Romo

Erdosain | 2018 | 156 pages | 16,5 x 25 cm | hardcover

Like a strange and distant universe, FRAGMENTS OF A TRANSPARENT LIBRARY II is a peculiar book. What parts of this work belong to reality, what to fiction? A question that best defines the genre to which this work belongs: that of the apocryphal. It would seem somewhat redundant to further excavate the exhausted mine opened by Borges in the Spanish language. Why insist on the apocryphal story after Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius and The Aleph? What contribution could be made to this genre today, so long after its culmination? Against formulas and skepticism, this book manages to reopen what seemed to be a finished genre. Here we have the happy and committed magic act that extracts a new chapter for the genre. One that seems to be some kind of doppelgänger of the great classics of science fiction, fantasy literature, hagiographies and diverse epistemologies. These fragments, made up of text and images, enable us to continue in this treasure hunt as enthusiasts of the adventure of thought and mystery.

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