Gods, Beings and Spirits from Peru

DIOSARIO: dioses, seres y espíritus del Perú

Elena Fernández Ferro & Mariana Rio

Mónimo | november 2021 | 60 pages | 27 x 32 cm | hardcover

Godsary is a contracted name of  Gods + Dictionary. It deploys in 27 letters – including some present in the Spanish alphabet specifically the ‘ñ’ – some of the many gods, spirits and magical beings present in the Peruvian pre-hispanic culture, many of which are still worshiped today. This book aims to introduce to children, with a touch of humor, all these beings, lowering them and their powers to ground level. Hence, someone as important as Dekmuda protecting the fish at Amazon has a foot ache. Guamancantac smells bad given he is the “God of poo”. Muqui is a mischievous little thief that in the end returns all he takes from the underground gold mines. The way the visual narrative has been approached also gives a non-academic perspective on these magical beings
making them more approachable.

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  • Selected for The Braw Amazing Bookshelf Bologna | BolognaRagazzi Award 2022
  • Special Mention | Portuguese Illustration Award 2021
  • Bronze Medal Latin American Design Awards | Editorial category
  • «The spirits and gods of Peruvian culture are approached here in a playful, attractive and very funny way. The book itself, with a significant dimension, is a kind of catalog, and the spreads' design allows the grandeur and evidence of the illustrations.»

    Jury of the Portuguese Illustration Award
  • Come to discover some of the gods, beings and spirits from Peru and get ready to receive some of their special powers and enter into a magical universe!