Nolens Volens

Almost 100 Latin (and a few Greek) Maxims

Nolens volens czyli Chcąc nie chcąc. Prawie 100 sentencji łacińskich i kilka greckich

Zuzana Kisielewska, Agata Dudek, Małgorzata Nowak

druganoga | 2020 | 120 pages | 22,2 x 25 cm | hardcover

What were the last words of Emperor Augustus? Which Roman leader is quoted by an American rap musician?

NOLENS VOLENS i.e. Willy-Nilly is an original, humorous compilation of Latin (and some Greek) maxims. This book makes the readers aware of the fact that the Latin language is hiding everywhere – in our wallets, cities and everyday conversations. It also allows us to get immersed in this extraordinary era, when scholars would die for science, and a fig could become a reason to start a war.

The author quotes ancient leaders and scholars, tracks down Latin aphorisms on building facades in states'credos, discloses truths of life and good advice hidden in ancient words, reminding us about what the ancients had to say about medicine, time, money and death.

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