Pancakes for Everyone

A Book of Recipes

Wszyscy jedzą naleśniki. Książka z przepisami.

Rozala Bizek-Szladowska & Agata Loth-Ignaciuk

Druganoga | 2019 | 54 pages | 19,5 x 21,5 cm | hardcover

Do you know where pancakes come from? How do we make flour? Does milk come from a bottle? How are pancakes done in different regions and countries?

Pancakes, fried on a hot surface, have been known all over the world for a long time. Depending on the country pancakes are made just with flour and water, sometimes eggs or milk or yeast is added. In different regions pancakes have different names – pancakes, galettes, serawi, bliny, tortilla and many other names.

Preparing the dough and frying pancakes is easy. PANCAKES FOR EVERYONE is divided in two parts. In the first chapter, you get know where the different ingredients – flour or milk or salt – come from. The second part consist of 16 recipes from different countries all over the world. Be happy cooking!

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