Hommage to Sergein Einsenstein's Movie


Pablo Auladell

Libros del Zorro Rojo | october 2018 | 120 pages | 20 x 28 cm | hardcover

An hommage in the form of a graphic novel to the most important film of Eisenstein, the quintessential Soviet filmmaker and one of the most notable and influential in the history of silent film. Debuting in the year 1925 as a metaphor for the Russian Revolution, the film shows –in the scene of the unfolding riots of 1905– the confrontation of the classes that sustain czarism and the revolutionary groups that defy their power.

Pablo Auladell, author of the adapted script and the illustrations, recreates in black and white, with a measured use of sepia, the atmosphere of the original movie and the political conflict in which it develops. In total consonance with the cinematographic language of Eisenstein, Auladell cedes the role of the main protagonist to the rebel masses and manages to maintain the narrative tension and the epic tone that characterize the film.

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