Smoke over Earth

El humo sobre la tierra

Manuel Arduino Pavón & Blanco Pantoja

Erdosain | 2016 | 88 pages | 11,5 x 18 cm | hardcover

SMOKE OVER THE EARTH is a tale about non-history. Humanity has conceived the end of the world in endless fantastic apocalypses: invasions by high-tech alien civilizations, wars, nuclear disasters, relentless plagues and so many more. These scenarios always deal with the adversities of the Western world. The civilization of the homo sapiens is at stake. Humanity is under attack and no other is destined to save the planet.

But in SMOKE OVER THE EARTH, this is not the case: in a nameless town in the middle of the vast Amazon jungle, three insignificant men will contemplate the strangest eschatological transfigurations, witnessing, as anonymous and secondary actors, an end of the world where humanity will have no prominence whatsoever. This is a book telling us that the great stories were never about us humans.

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