Los Bisontes

Jairo Buitrago & Blanco Pantoja

Erdosain | december 2021 | 60 pages | 11,5 x 18 cm | hardcover

Dolores – who calls herself Liluye [Hawk’ Scream] lives with her grandma, aunt and cousins. One day her beloved grandma, her only companion in the world, goes to bed never to wake up again… This tragic event will mark the beginning of the adventure of Liluye. Felipe, her brother, reappears after four years trying his luck in the United States. By car, they shall cross the desert and learn more about themselves, as they meet other characters and beasts that will reveal to them a resilient primitive world. A short story written by the acclaimed Colombian writer Jairo Buitrago, ingeniously illustrated by Blanco Pantoja.

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