Claudio Aguilera & Vicente Cociña

Erdosain | 2016 | 28 pages | 11,5 x 18 cm | hardcover

A misty landscape with a dark light comes back again and again to the memory of the spectator, who is unable to avoid it. A bird plummets from the sky. It dies, but its eyes are still alive, perjuring in their glassy gaze a secret fear that will conceal itself in the folds of the future.

THERE is a story about a secret, dark and distant childhood, from which echoes reverberate with lucid insistence in half-spoken words and images that will have to be forever completed. It is a shadow play. A stain on memory that Aguilera and Cociña have captured in a micro story told in verses and illustrated in miniatures along black tree-like growths.

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