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I Am

Yo soy

Gastón Norambuena & Carolina Garrido

Claraboya | 2020 | 48 pages | 27 x 21 cm | hardcover

A book that explores issues such as identity, gender, indigenous culture and family ties. The story narrates the encounter of a little girl with the nature that surrounds her and the connection she creates with her own culture and people.

A mapuche girl goes from the countryside to the city, and through her journey she allows us to take a subtle glimpse to the way identity is constructed. The garden, the song her grandmother used to sing, the connection with nature, the visits to the market and the voice of the other children would be forever linked to the memory of the protagonist and the attentive reader.

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  • Winner Fund for Creation (2019) and the Fund for Publication (2020) | National Book and Reading Council of Chile