Princesses of Portugal, Queens of Europe

Princesas de Portugal, Rainhas da Europa

Luís Almeida Martins & Marta Monteiro

pato lógico & incm | 2017 | 56 pages | 21 x 27 cm | softcover

Bárbara of Bragança had the idea of founding a huge art museum, which would become the Prado Museum. Leonor of Portugal was so brave that, one day, she led the defense of the Neustadt Castle against rebellious barons. Isabel of Portugal was considered the most beautiful woman of her time. And it was Catarina of Bragança who made the British aristocracy acquire the habit of drinking tea in the middle of the afternoon.

PRINCESSES OF PORTUGAL, QUEENS OF EUROPE tells the story of four Portuguese princesses who played important roles through their marriages with foreign monarchs.

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