An Inventory of Gods

Inventario de Dioses

Manuel Soriano & Dani Scharf

Topito | 2021 | 40 pages | 27 x 19 cm | hardcover

This book compiles some of the gods that humanity has venerated throughout history such as the god of the Christians, Athena, Maradona, Visnú, Allah, Thor, Cthulhu, Iemanjá, Google, and Pachamama. There is one to suit every taste. No god or goddess is more rational or more absurd. People have the right to believe in any of them, in all of them or in none of them.

An Inventory of Gods won a publishing fund awarded by the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture in 2020; and in 2022 it was selected by the Bologna Children Book Fair as part of the Braw Amazing Bookshelf exhibition, wich celebrates “publishing gems” from al over the world.

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  • Selected for the Braw Amazing Bookshelf Bologna Book Fair | dPICTUS