Hello, Moscow!

Привет, Москва!

Tanya Borisova

A+A | 2021 | 40 pages | 24 x 31 cm | hardcover

This book was inspired by Tanya Borisova’s passion for plein air, urban sketching and cycling. People, buildings, museums and attractions form a lively and memorable image of a charming city. This is a great opportunity for Russian, foreign and local young visitors and readers to get to know Moscow. Tanya Borisova shows the Moscow she knows and loves, takes a fresh look at familiar places, and shows how important it is to be observant and pay attention to fascinating buildings and museum exhibits, its people’s lifestyle and habits.

Hello, Moscow! which is illustrated in a distinctive style, marks Tanya Borisova’s debut, and interacts with its readers by asking questions about their favourite places and buildings, which museums they like and why, and at the same time shares remarkable facts about the history and modern life of Moscow.

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  • BolognaRagazzi Award Amazing Bookshelf 2022
  • Shortlisted for Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award 2022
  • 2023 Book Paju Book City International Picture Book Award
  • HELLO, MOSCOW offers remarkable facts about the history and modern life of Moscow, also encouraging children to explore their own city as a reflection of their identity.

  • A distinctive artwork from a début author!