Says the Sun, Says the Moon

Dice el Sol, Dice la Luna

Mar Benegas & Blanco Pantoja

Claraboya | March 2023 | 56 pages | 13 x 22 cm | hardcover

The moon orchestrates the tides, it has been crucial for the beginning of life on planet earth and sets the rhythm of the world. On the other hand, we owe our water and life to the sun.

In this new collection of illustrated poems by Mar Benegas and Blanco Pantoja, the sun and the moon converse, and tell us what they see, while they play an eternal game of opposition and union. This text show us how they move away and get closer at certain hours of the day, sometimes being light and sometimes being dark.

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  • Award Fundación Cuatrogatos 2024
  • Edition Award 2023 | Cámara Chilena del Libro
  • A fascinating dialogue that shows the importance of the sun and the moon in every culture!

  • For those who dare with challenging books: "A whisper is heard, / the sun says: 'I'm coming'. A book - and also a work of art - that imagines the dialogues that the sun and the moon could hold during those brief moments of the day when they coincide, when he emerges and she departs, and vice versa. Woven with conversations in which the lyrical subjects allude to motifs of fertile symbolism, such as dawn and dusk, constellations, phases of the moon, lullabies, dreams, the fish, the phoenix, and the unicorn. Poems of meticulous craftsmanship, with illustrations and vignettes that freely expand their resonances and meanings.»

    Fundación CuatroGatos