The Same Sky

El mismo cielo

Claudio Aguilera & Alexis Segovia

Claraboya | NOVEMBER 2023 | 48 PAGES | 26 X 21 CM | Hardcover

A book of poetic and symbolic value with two stories that invite us to deep reflections on science, life, death, and the nature of things. Through those two short stories, children will be able to immerse themselves in the Atacama landscape, which will guide them along a path of astronomical research to think on the beliefs that ancient civilizations had as well.

First, or later (depending on how the book is open), we will learn the story of a girl who lives in the city and starts looking for answers at the sky, motivated by the legacy of a beloved one. On the other hand, we will learn about the story of an Atacama boy who, after the loss of his mother, looks for her into the sky and the stars, discovering the beliefs of his native people, culture, and family.

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  • A journey of self-discovery in the Atacama Desert that will teach us about astronomy, the sky and constellations!