ABCD Circus

Цирковая азбука

Mikhail Yasnov & Tanya Borisova

A+A | 2022 | 42 pages | 14,6 x 19 cm | hardcover

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come on in, the show is about to begin! Who are the catchers? What types of stage props exist? Where do performers hide during the break, who can do a somersault while standing on a horse? Every circus term is explained in alphabetical order with spectacular, vivid illustrations and jolly poems by a remarkable Russian poet.

Mikhail Yasnov (1946-2020) was a Russian poet, translator, and children’s books writer. He is the author of a dozen poetry books, more than a hundred children’s books of poetry and prose, as well as numerous translations, primarily from French poetry.

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  • A witty introduction to the circus and its backstage, with spectacular illustrations and 33 poems by a by remarkable children’s books writer!