Captain the Dog and the Bowels of the Earth

Капитан Собака в недрах Земли

Maria Nesterenko

A+A | September 2023 | 46 pages | 22 x 31 cm | hardcover

Captain the Dog has curly ears and a fearless heart. He is a traveler and a reliable assistant. Together with the Pearl crew, he is sent on an important mission to the depths of the Earth. They will show us how glaciers flow and volcanoes erupt, how diamonds are formed and black smokers breathe, how fragile cave decorations are, and how beautiful the inhabitants of a large coral reef are.

The vivid illustrations and humor of Maria Nesterenko, a geologist and illustrator, turn Captain the Dog’s journey into a series of adventures and encounters through which children will learn about the structure of the Earth. A beautiful debut picture book about the wonders of the Earth, with humorous, vivid illustrations and great, funny characters!


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  • Selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition 2022
  • Selected for the BRAW Amazing Bookshelf | Bologna Ragazzi Awards 2024