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Nani Brunini

Pato Lógico | february 2021 | 40 pages | 19,5 x 25 cm | hardcover

All starts with a small disagreement, which increases volume in a deafening climb, gathering uncompromising supporters on both sides, until it becomes an insoluble dispute with no withstanding arguments. Is the winner the one who shouts the loudest, or are they all losers?

DISCORD, a debut album by Nani Brunini – an up-and-coming Brazilian illustrator – is a visual narrative about the polarisation of opinions in the modern world.

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  • Selected for BIG Award 2021
  • BolognaRagazzi Award Amazing Bookself 2022
  • White Ravens 2022
  • Shortlisted for Prix Littéraire Tatoulu 2024
  • A book for those who are tired of screaming.

  • This book describes, without any words, how an apparently insignificant disagreement can escalate. What the quarrellers say is depicted in red and purple cloud-like formations above their heads. The more people who get involved and the more heated the situation gets, the more threatening the growing number of blots and scribbles appears. Suddenly a large eye appears within the converging clouds, which metamorphose into a giant monster that casts darkness over the world. Only through a joint effort, using all their creativity, do the people succeed in escaping this oppressive setting and float away, literally, into a new and once again colourful world. The Brazilian illustrator Nani Brunini has found catchy visual metaphors for destructive discord. Although the story is easily understandable, it does not divulge all its secrets, leaving instead much room for interpretation. The considerable appeal of the images lies in the strong contrast between the delicately drawn figures and the vigour of the two colours, which seem to intermingle, but do not blend. (Age: 5+) [JW]

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