Hilda and Melusine Find an Egg

Hilda et Mélusine trouvent un œuf

Eva Rust

Cambourakis | september 2021 | 32 pages | 22 x 29 cm | hardcover

After a rocky start, and despite their very different personalities, Hilda, the fierce witch, and Melusine, the fairy with a dragon tail, live together happily in the forest. Hilda continues to chase away any intruders, while Melusine looks after her vegetable patch. Then, one day, Hilda discovers a huge egg in her garden. At first, they can’t agree - Hilda wants to eat it, and Melusine wants to incubate it. But when the egg hatches, they both instantly fall in love with the baby, a little dragon called Sulfure. As the creature grows, so does its unusual appetite… for large engines and petrol! So, when Sulfure starts eating the villagers’ cars, they aren’t very happy…

An ecological fable by Eva Rust, who deconstructs stereotypes in fairy tales with lots of humour and action.

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