The No-No Bison

Le Bison Non-Non

Victoire de Changy & Marine Schneider

Cambourakis | July 2021 | 40 pages | 24 x 33 cm | hardcover

The No-No bison was born in Autumn when the leaves are yellow, orange and brown. But he’s not like the other little bison. He’s so hairy that you can only see his little round eyes, and no mouth or nose. His parents try to think of a name - Bisonson, Bisonou, Bisou… But he just looks at them, as though to say, “no no”! So, everyone starts calling him the No-No bison. And as he gets bigger, they continue to think that the look in his eye means “no”. No to pinecones, no to chestnuts, no to the grass under the snow, no to games… But would he still say “no” to everything if he knew how to talk? An unexpected encounter with a little lobster – and its pincers! – will soon set the record straight!

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