The Bicycle Island

L'Île aux Vélos

Ariane Pinel

Cambourakis | May 2023 | 48 pages | 19,5 x 27,5 cm | hardcover

Jade has been invited by her cousin Louise for the summer holidays. What is amazing is that Louise just moved, and her new house is on an island where no cars are allowed and where everyone uses a bike. The two girls are even allowed to go grocery shopping all by themselves! Once the holiday season is over, Jade must back home to the continent. In the city, riding a bike is much trickier, and her parents are not thrilled at all about this new passion of hers. But Jade will not give up so easily. With her faithful mount, she decides to embark on a real expedition, a trip that may turn a lot of grownups into dreamers, and that could well make a difference!

Throughout illustrations in beautiful paster colours, dominated by blue, yellow and pink, Ariane Pinel offers us an ecological fable, a hymn to freedom, determination, and bravery, that can happen at any age, even the youngest!

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