Hilda and the Princess

Hilda et la Princesse

Eva Rust

Cambourakis | October 2019 | 32 pages | 22 x 29 cm | hardcover

Hilda is a witch, a real one ! She lives in a forest, and has a lot of fun terrifying anyone who dare entering on her land. But most of the time, she enjoys life with her friend the ram, taking mud baths and eating pizzas whenever they want. But when a princess suddendly appears at the window of a tower nearby, it’s the end of quietness for Hilda : the girl keeps singing stupid songs to attract princes that would eventually come to free her. This is too much for Hilda’s nerves : she decides to free the princess in order to put and end to this mess... And discovers that things are a little more complex than expected : the princess has a dragon tail, maybe Hilda could help with that too, and maybe this girl could become a wonderful friend after all...

Playing with the traditionnal codes of fairy tales, turning upside down the clichés about the supposed feminine weakness, Eva Rust tells an inspiring story which joyfully celebrates empowerment!

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