The Cat's Ball

Le Bal des Chats

Vincent Gravé

Cambourakis | July 2023 | 32 pages | 24 x 33 cm | hardcover

Moustache the cat has been waiting a long time for this night : it’s the night of the ball! Through the window, from the Moon, his friend Pierrot confirms that he’s waiting for everyone to get together to give the signal for the party to begin. Moustache sets off, but the sky darkens. The moon has turned pale. Under these conditions, it’s impossible for the ball to go ahead as planned. A solution had to be found as quickly as possible. Everyone redoubles in ingenuity, but nothing works: what if all they have to do is change the Moon’s light bulb?

In this beautifully illustrated album, Vincent Gravé creates an ingenious hymn to the night, but also an ode to mutual aid, friendship and a sense of celebration. A daring album that explores the night to dispel children’s fear of the dark and reveal all its adventurous and festive facets, under the patronage of the Moon.

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