I Am Wolf

The King of the Forest

Eu sou Lobo – O Rei da Floresta

Ricardo J. Rodrigues, Pedro Semeano, Susana Diniz

pato lógico & incm | 2019 | 48 pages | 21 x 27 cm | softcover

There will hardly be an animal that evokes at the same time such wonder and such fear in humans. We grow up hearing the stories of the Bad Wolf, when in truth it is one of the biggest symbols of wildlife. In this book the other side of the story is told; that of an organized, adaptable and community animal, who fights for survival. Focused on the younger readers, this book puts them in the wolf´s paws, using scientific data, yes, but also all the wolf pack mistique.

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  • Special Mention Portuguese Ilustration Award 2020
  • Hiiibrand Merit Award 2021 | Published Children's Books