I want to eat my brother

Je veux manger mon frère

Hélène Gaudy & Simone Rea

Cambourakis | March 2023 | 32 pages | 29,7 x 21 cm | hardcover

Oskar doesn’t like spinach. He also hates spaghetti, shepherd’s pie and even French fries, to the point that his parents don’t know what to serve him for dinner. And yet, they redouble their inventiveness to get their little boy to eat. What would Oskar think of peanut soup, or orangutan steak? But Oskar is stubborn and only wants to eat one thing : his brother.

In I Want to Eat my Brother, Hélène Gaudy and Simone Rea once again take us into the daily life of  the little bunny Oskar, in an album that’s just as poetic as their previous success, I Want to Take the Night Away. A story that takes an amusing approach to the jealousy that children can feel towards a younger sibling. A magnificent album, written in rhyme and with delicate imagery.

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