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If I Were a Book

Se eu fosse um livro

José Jorge Letria & André Letria

Pato Lógico | 2011 | 64 pages | 16 x 20 cm | hardcover

A celebration of the magic and wonder of books that will delight readers of all ages. A book becomes a mountaintop with a spectacular vista ("If I were a book, I'd be full of new horizons"), an endless staircase of imagination ("If I were a book, I would not want to know at the beginning how my story ends"), a kite, a tent, a ship and so on.

An unforgettable title by the internationally acclaimed father-and-son duo, authors of WAR and I WILL BE.

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  • simplified chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Japanese
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  • Latvian
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  • 3x3 Magazine Silver Medal Picture Book Show No. 10 2013
  • Shortlisted by CJ Book Design 2012
  • Junceda Iberia 2012
  • Special Mention Portuguese Illustration Prize 2012
  • A bestseller sold to 23 languages!