Jean, John and João

Jean, John e João

Ricardo Henriques & André Letria

Pato Lógico | DECEMBER 2023 | 64 PAGES | 24,5 x 34 CM | Hardcover

A Frenchman, an Englishman, and a Portuguese find themselves in a story that tells all about the Third French Invasion of Portugal and the Lines of Torres, the largest and most effective defensive system in Europe and one of its most fascinating and significant heritage legacies.

The three main characters of this story — Jean, a French aide-de-camp under the command of Marshal Masséna; John, a British sailor under the command of General Wellesley; João, a Portuguese hunter soldier — are caught in a whirlwind of events generated by Napoleon’s conquering drive, intending to dominate Europe by force. With different stories and backgrounds, the three fighters find themselves in a country devastated by a war that will leave deep marks on its society. A period that shaped the destiny not only of Portugal but also of the whole of Europe and Brazil.

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  • A book about the beginning of the end of the Napoleonic Wars.