Midnight, the Cat of the Lost Woods

Minuit, le Chat du Bois Perdu

Hélène Gaudy & Elenia Beretta

Cambourakis | october 2019 | 48 pages | 22,5 x 29,6 cm | hardcover

A little boy called Noël lives on the edge of the lost woods with his parents. Noël knows the woods a bit, but he does not know what lies on the other side. He has never crossed through them before. His parents say there is nothing there. One night, Noël meets a cat, as black as the night, just outside the woods. After naming him Midnight, Noël asks: “Midnight, have you ever crossed through the lost woods?” Midnight is a very wise and mysterious cat, who pushes Noël to be curious, ask questions, and finally explore the lost woods for himself.

This night-time story, full of enigmas and shadows, invites the young reader to think about places, exploring the world around them, and the power of naming things to know and better understand them. A gentle initiation story, richly illustrated in painting, immersing the reader into the lush, colourful woods, teeming with life.

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