Where are you going, Lola?

Mais Où Vas-Tu Donc, Lola?

Mari Ahokoivu

Cambourakis | november 2014 | 32 pages | 21 x 21 cm | softcover

A series combining stories with games, named after an elephant calf, Lola Olifante. In this book, the happy animal sets off on an expedition to reach the top of a hill. A bike, a skateboard, a scooter… Anything goes to get there! The aim? A giant picnic with friends!

With 15 pages of a story and 15 pages of games – including a fold-out snakes and ladders style game with little figures to cut out! - the adventures of this cute big-eared character have already won over children in Finland, thanks to its fresh colours and cheeky dialogues.

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