Gaëtan Dorémus

Cambourakis | august 2022 | 32 pages | 26 x 15 cm | hardcover

We are in the Wild West. A mouse manages to escape from jail but is immediately chased by the sheriff who ends up putting a gun to his head in a duel reminiscent of the greatest Westerns… until a little ladybird disrupts their face-off. Moved by the poetry of the insect’s flight, the pursuer and the pursued become friends in an unexpected way. When the Confederate soldiers appear, they are forced to resume their race side by side. Will they find a way escape from them?

Lasso, chase, desert, cactus, all the ingredients of the Western are brought together in this album thanks to superb drawings with lines and colours creating a real relief, thus magnifying the beauty of great spaces. But the strength of this album is also to go beyond the usual opposition between the guilty and the law to propose an unexpected alliance between the protagonists, inviting us to rethink the notions of guilt and friendship.

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