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Manuel Marsol

Fulgencio Pimentel | September 2023 | 64 pages | 32,6 x 24,1 cm | hardcover

«I don’t remember when Astro came to visit us. It was a long time ago. Perhaps thousands of years ago. He arrived with a mission».

Manuel Marsol, one of the most internationally renowned Spanish illustrators, returns with an album featuring an astronaut lost in a distant planet. ASTRO is truly the first work by Manuel Marsol, previously unpublished, which the author has brought back and updated using all the artistic experience acquired over these years. This project led Marsol to transition from a successful advertising career to explore a deeply personal and emotional theme: the loss of his father when he was 11.

Through the journey of an astronaut lost on an unknown planet and guided by a monumental indigenous figure, Marsol creates an allegory about fatherly love, laden with sensitivity and emotion. It also explores the discovery of the world, its wonders, and mysteries from a child’s perspectives. Far from a bitter tale, ASTRO offers an adventure full of surprises. The result is a dazzling stellar journey with all the elements to become a classic in its genre.

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  • Selected for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2014
  • "Astro is an album of extraordinary intensity. Because in it, Manuel Marsol has concentrated lessons from his own journey and from our species."

    José Antonio Escrig Aparicio, Zenda Libros