John Pham

Fulgencio Pimentel | September 2023 | 40 pages | 17 x 22,3 cm | hardcover

Halfway between Peanuts and Seinfeld, J+K tells the adventures of two orphan little girls in a shopping mall. Winning book project at first Puchi Award, J+K, by John Pham (Saigón, 1974), is a comic book in whose development many binding and risograph techniques are a key aspect,  enhanced with many extra contents and endless in its simplicity, J+K is also an art object itself that celebrates pop culture and its physical expressions —magazines, vinyl, videogames. Born by the conjunction of contemporary anxiety and a society too focused in consumerism, J+K celebrates values as friendship and leads to empathy, laughter and existential reflection, not renouncing to joy and lightness.

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  • Puchi Award 2017
  • John Pham is an American author of Vietnamese descent. He is a cult author within the North American independent comic and with the work "J + K" he won the Puchi Award.

  • «A tour de force full of generosity and love of life.»

    Chris Ware
  • Comic book series for children in 6 volumes.