Doctor Farnsworth's House

A casa da doutora Farnsworth

Joana Couceiro & Mariana Rio

Circo de Ideias | september 2018 | 36 pages | 26 x 34 cm | softcover

This book tells the story of Mies van der Rohe’s project for Edite Farnsworth, from the initial meeting between the architect and the doctor until their ultimate mismatch. 

An editorial project that aims to bring together exemplary houses from the 20th century revisited through a literary and imaginary dimension: houses that become dreams, houses that become people.

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  • Special Mention Portuguese Ilustration Award 2018
  • «The illustrations, between landscape and detail, are of high plastic quality, with a particular mastery of light and depth.»

    Jury of the Portuguese Illustration Award 2019