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Berta Páramo

Litera | 2021 | 152 pages | 17 x 24 cm | softcover

Poo, tears, mucus, pee, saliva, blood, sweat and so on!

A thrilling inventory of the bodily fluids, addressed to small readers. And not so small, because... Do you really know what your bodily fluids are? And how important they are? Did you know that blood passes through your kidneys 300 times a day? And that there are always tears in your eyes? Or that your nose produces up to a litre of mucus every day?

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  • Bologna RagazziAward 2022 | Special mention Opera Prima
  • Best Children's Title 2021 | GVA Cultura
  • Best Chidren's Titles 2023 | Banco del Libro de Venezuela
  • “Dedicated to our body fluids, this book is characterized by a combination of graphic design, irony, and scientific accuracy. Different styles of information visualization, some more analytical and encyclopaedic, others more intuitive, accompany the reader as we find out more about the subject matter with elegance and precision, clarity and measure, in chapters cadenced by different colours. The author succeeds in the challenging task of combining rigour and cheerfulness in this approach to biological processes.”

    Jury BolognaRagazzi Award 2022