An Illustrated History of Climbing

Vertical - Historia ilustrada de la escalada

Ximo Abadía

Litera | November 2023 | 64 pages | 24 x 32 cm | hardcover

Who were the first people to reach the summits of the world’s highest mountains? What materials did they use? How have these materials evolved? When did classic and sport climbing emerge? What is bouldering?

A book brimming with incredible feats, stories of overcoming obstacles and a wealth of information that will help you learn more about the exciting world of climbing.

Ximo's Abadía's passion for comics and drawing began when he was a little boy who liked to draw on his desk in class. A habit that stayed with him until university, and which later led him to become an internationally published author and illustrator of children’s books, graphic novels and comics, recognised at prestigious fairs and festivals such as Bologna and Angoulême.

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  • BolognaRagazzi Awards 2024 | Special Mention Non-Fiction
  • «This book explores the relationship between humans and nature through the lens of extreme experiences in a mountain setting. Filled with historical insights, it offers practical advice and naturalistic information on ascending peaks in various seasons using different climbing and mountaineering techniques. The large-format volume boasts an original graphic and illustrative layout.»

    What the Jury of Bologna Ragazzi Awards said