Foxy & Meg Encounter A But-But

Foxy & Meg encontram um mas-mas

Ricardo Henriques & André Letria

Pato Lógico | APRIL 2024 | 48 PAGES | 17 X 22 CM | Hardcover

Can a fox be friends with a chicken? Foxy & Meg prove to us that unlikely friendships are possible. Curious and cautious, fearless and wary, they never miss an opportunity to marvel at the discovery of the world.

Foxy & Meg are two characters created by André Letria in 2005 for a collection of toddler books, and they were also the protagonists of animated movies. They now return in a new collection of books shared with Ricardo Henriques.

The first title is Foxy & Meg Encounter a But-But. But what is a But-but? — you may ask. Is it a bird? Is it a sculpture? Is it better not to know? The readers, whether fearless or apprehensive, will find out. 

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