Land of Tomorrow


Страна Конструктивизма - Атлас новой жизни

Tanya Safonova

A+A | MARCH 2024 | 97 PAGES | 21,5 X 28 CM | Hardcover

A hundred years ago, people around the world dreamed about a land of social justice and rational art. This book is an introduction to how, in the 1920s and 1930s, artists, thinkers, poets, scientists, workers, peasants and their children tried to build this land and create a new art, a new way of life and a new man. They endeavoured to transform the real world into a new construction never-seen-before, as stated by Alexander Rodchenko, one that would work for the benefit of mankind. 

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  • A playful introduction to the avant-garde and constructivist era, with highly detailed, wimmelbook-style illustration!