Why do people dance?

History of Dance for Children

Зачем люди танцуют. История танца для детей

Irina Sirotkina & Maria Titova

A+A | January 2023 | 80 pages | 21 x 28 cm | hardcover

What is dance? Is it art or magic, pleasure or hard work? Where does it come from and how long it lasts? Which music is most suitable for dancing and can one dance to silence? Why did ballet dancers get up on points in the 19th century and switch to sneakers in the 20th? What is so contemporary in contemporary dance? And most importantly, why has humankind danced as long as it can remember itself?

Answers to these and other questions take us through the history of dancing: Ancient Greek theater dances, court balls, popular dances and Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons, romantic ‘white ballets’ and digital performances. We will learn about ancient and contemporary dance styles, outstanding choreographers and performers, find out which music is called dansante and what is movement notation. We will dive into an infinitely diverse world of dance, in which everyone dances in a different manner and all are welcome. After all, people dance because they can’t help but dance!

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  • A perfect introduction to the history of dance and an inspirational book for dance lovers with striking, sensational illustrations!