Pames and Goems

Puegos y Joemas

Iñigo Astiz & Maite Mutuberria

Litera | October 2022 | 80 pages | 15 x 19 cm | hardcover

Hey, hey, run,
open the book, quickly.
It’s start d to sn w
and fla by flake
and little by l ttle
th se poe s wil dis pear.
Hey, ey, r n,
pen th bo k, q k y.

IÑIGO ASTIZ (Spain) is a Basque poet and journalist. MAITE MUTUBERRIA (Spain) is a Basque illustrator internationally awarded and with more than 30 titles published.

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  • Best Children's Book Published | GVACultura
  • Award Fundación Cuatrogatos 2024
  • For those who have taken off as readers, more than just a collection of poems, it's a dazzling linguistic playfulness, full of surprises and humor, where the sound of words plays a leading role. With a wide repertoire of anagrams, calligrams, acrostics, tongue twisters, and gibberish; with verses containing missing syllables or words for readers to uncover, and with onomatopoeias and unexpected combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, this work revalues the infinite possibilities of language as a toy. The illustrations, rich in movement and color, creatively accentuate the playful and festive nature of this collection of verses, where we even find a poem disguised as a final index.

    Fundación CuatroGatos Award