Ways of Seeing

Formas de Ver

Liliana Bodoc & Nadia Romero Marchesini

Pez Menta | 2021 | 28 pages | 27 x 19 cm | hardcover

A unique poem that unfolds on each page. A girl tells us an enigma: her grandfather has three pairs of glasses. Together, they look at the world through different glasses and discover that there are many ways to see. A book that invites us to remember, to keep memory alive.

Book chosen among the 20 best illustrated books of 2021 for "Lanterns and forests", by LIJ specialist Adolfo Córdova. In addition, the illustrations by Nadia Romero Marchesini were selected for the exhibition in Bologna Fair 2022.

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  • Selected for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2022
  • 20 best illustrated books of 2021 for "Lanterns and forests" by Adolfo Córdova