Chicken Wings

Oigasko Hegalak

Eider Rodriguez & Arrate Rodriguez

Erein Argitaletxea | november 2020 | 40 pages | 30 x 20 cm | hardcover

How to share a chicken? In this house, the last to choose the parts of the chicken is the mother. By the time her turn comes, the tasty roasted chicken is a skeleton only with wings. Father and sons are ahead of her: they get the thighs and breasts. The mother has desperately swallowed the wings. And it has done so for years, without complaint. Until one day she feels a lump on her back. Two lumps in the next day and they itch...

This album is an amusing invitation to reflect on the ecosystem formed by the members of a family, and also on feeling such as loneliness, selfishness, anger, freedom and love.

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