Blanco Pantoja

Erdosain | 2014 | 36 pages | 19 x 26 cm | hardcover

Animal is an anonymous biography of the story of life. It is a litany on our misfortunes and joys, which we cannot measure because they transcend our individuality. A question for bone memory; the memory of each element that is drawn and grows on our skin - hair, hardness, furrows and turgidity - and how all that we’ve become has been patiently and silently formed by the ubiquitous wheel of time and by the infinite stories under the sun, in the undergrowth, over and under the water and in the sky, like millennia eroding and giving shape to a mountain. Something soft cries out, piercing the fossilized bones. Something that yearns to flourish, that has lived countless times, but that is always to be born. A story without beginning or end, of one and all beings inhabiting this tragic Earth.

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  • Best Illustrated Book Ibby 2015 | Medal Colibri Ibby Chile 2015