The Diabetes Island

A Ilha dos Diabretes

Carla Maia de Almeida & João Fazenda

Pato Lógico | 2015 | 48 pages | 19 x 25 cm | hardcover

Diabetes is a very common disease. Maybe someone in your family, or even you, deal with it on a daily basis. It's no big deal! In this book, with the help of John and Mary, we tell you how you can bring more energy to your life through diet, exercise, medication and, above all, a good attitude.

This book is supported by Novo Nordisk and its worldwide social responsibility program, Changing Diabetes, whose mission is to respond to the global challenge of diabetes, through partnerships and local projects adapted to the needs and realities of each country. This book has the scientific review by João Jacome de Castro, director of the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Department at the Portuguese Armed Forces Hospital, and the institutional support of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism and the Directorate General of Health - National Programme for Diabetes. The collection Healthy Generation is a co-edition between Pato Lógico and the Portuguese Pharmacists' Association, part of s project for Promotion and Education for Public Health, with the primary objective of contributing to the promotion of young people’s health in schools, educating and stimulating the adoption of healthy lifestyles and alerting to the occurrence of possible pathologies.

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  • This book does a miracle: it's about diabetes and it's fun!