Take Me to Your Leader

Leva-me ao teu líder

Afonso Cruz & Mariana Rio

Assembleia da República | NOVEMBER 2023 | 48 PAGES | 20,5 x 24,5 CM | Hardcover

An encounter between a boy and an alien leads to an extraordinary dialogue. The alien wants to talk to the boy’s leader, but he doesn't understand what it means to live in a society where decisions aren't made by a single person. It then becomes necessary to show him the various elements that make up a working democracy: voters on Election Day, a crowd of demonstrators, a conversation between political representatives and the people they represent.

MISSION: DEMOCRACY is a series of 12 books published by the publishing house of the Portuguese Parliament to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution. The collection is graphically coordinated by Planeta Tangerina and it features some of the most renowned authors and illustrators of Portuguese children's and young adult literature.

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  • A series of books conceived to celebrate democracy, freedom and teach our children the values of citizenship! This volume is about Democracy.