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Dear Sea

Senhor Mar

André Carrilho

Bertrand Editora | june 2022 | 48 pages | 21, 5 x 27 cm | hardcover

A little girl tries to understand the sea in all its complexity, mystery and strength, advised by her parents to respect it. She eventually comes to realize that we are all insignificant in front of this old and vast entity and bear responsibility to protect it. “Respect” can mean lots of different things at once, including friendship and admiration.

A  text with a unique rhythm, beautifully illustrated by André Carilho, which continues the story of THE GIRL WITH OCCUPIED EYES, winner of the Portuguese Illustration Prize 2020.

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  • Gold Medal Society of Illustrators 65 New York
  • Longlisted for World Illustration Awards 2023
  • Special Mention Portuguese National Illustration Award 2022
  • Merit Award | 3x3 Professional Show No. 20
  • Winner Hiii Illustration 2022 | Best of Best (Children's Book)
  • In addition to the playful dimension associated with the beach, André Carrilho adds an informative dimension, about the biodiversity of the oceans or the importance of fishing, and a more fanciful dimension, about what the deep ocean hides.